DNA Testing Gave Me The Power To Live Mindfully

DNA testing [skyezee fashionfit]

DNA testing is not always something that everybody has access to. However, when you get the opportunity to do it, you’ve got to take it. In fact, there’s no better time than now to regain control over your body. This is the age of personalized nutrition and mastering the power of ‘me.’ You either have […]

Alternative Meat Options, Are They Healthy Or Not?

meat alternatives [skyezee fashionfit]

Alternative meat options come in a wide variety of brands nowadays. I’m truly happy that more people are hopping onto the conscious living train to look after our precious planet and their personal health. However, it does worry me that we’re still eating a lot of overly processed food. In fact, these meat alternatives are […]

Peanut Cinnamon Banana And Chia Seed Oat Bowl

peanut cinnamon [skyezee fashionfit]

Peanut cinnamon banana, apple and chia seed oat bowl is the most delicious, creamiest breakfast you can prepare. July was a chilly month and I am not a winter person at all. That’s why I often turn to a warm, sweet and comforting healthy bowl of peanut cinnamon oats. The best part about this peanut […]

‘Tale Of The Travelling Pants’ Is The Concept That Saves Our Planet

planet [skyezee fashionfit]

Planet consciousness is vital if we’re planning to continue existing, living and breathing on it. I’ve never been so horrified at the effects of the fashion industry alone on climate change and the general wellbeing of our incredibly precious planet. As Skyezee FashionFit, I feel compelled to encourage you to pay attention to your personal […]

Steps To Sustaining The Life Of A Conscious Existence

conscious existence [skyezee fashionfit]

Conscious existence. What does that mean? Fitness, diet, eco-friendly, meditation, sustainability? Well, it’s a combination of all those elements. But, I’m referring to you personally, rather than external factors. Surely you’ve had the desire to convert? The world needs to convert to conscious existence. Now is the time to tap into the intricacies of your […]

Clean Eating Versus Intense Exercise To Lose Weight

clean eating [skyezee fashionfit]

Clean eating and exercise are the talks of the town. Sometimes it gets very confusing as to which one you should emphasize more without overdoing it. Either we end up overexercising and under-eating or overeating and under-exercising – how do we find our ratio? We find our ratio by moving our bodies more regularly and […]

Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight Faster Than Ever Before

boost metabolism {skyezee fashionfit]

Boost metabolism and lose weight faster sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Especially if that’s your main goal right now! However, everyone has a very unique metabolic system. Some people metabolize foods really quickly. And others, are a little on the slower side. Fortunately, once you get to know your body better there are some ways […]

Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This

girls [skyezee fashionfit]

Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This Girls, the core reason behind your Anxiety is the fear of the future. The unknown. I write this knowing exactly how scary that thought of it can get, because you’re uncertain about what’s going to happen. I’ve seen it first hand and felt waves of […]

Food Q & A: What Does Skyezee FashionFit Eat In A Day?

food [skyezee fashionfit]

Food. Something that we all spend a relatively big portion of our lives mulling over. During my time as a transformation coach, I have had quite a few people asking me questions regarding food. So, I decided to write this blog post to help you all out. Most of you want to know what I […]

Wearing The Right Activewear Makes Exercise A Lot Easier

wearing [skyezee fashionfit]

Wearing the right activewear makes a great deal of difference to your workout and the way you feel. Letting you in on a secret here, but, you don’t even have to work out that much to wear it either! Have you seen workout clothes flooding your social media feeds? There’s a new one almost every […]