meat alternatives [skyezee fashionfit]

Alternative Meat Options, Are They Healthy Or Not?

Alternative meat options come in a wide variety of brands nowadays. I’m truly happy that more people are hopping onto the conscious living train to look after our precious planet and their personal health. However, it does worry me that we’re still eating a lot of overly processed food. In

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peanut cinnamon [skyezee fashionfit]

Peanut Cinnamon Banana And Chia Seed Oat Bowl

Peanut cinnamon banana, apple and chia seed oat bowl is the most delicious, creamiest breakfast you can prepare. July was a chilly month and I am not a winter person at all. That’s why I often turn to a warm, sweet and comforting healthy bowl of peanut cinnamon oats. The

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conscious existence [skyezee fashionfit]

Steps To Sustaining The Life Of A Conscious Existence

Conscious existence. What does that mean? Fitness, diet, eco-friendly, meditation, sustainability? Well, it’s a combination of all those elements. But, I’m referring to you personally, rather than external factors. Surely you’ve had the desire to convert? The world needs to convert to conscious existence. Now is the time to tap

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clean eating [skyezee fashionfit]

Clean Eating Versus Intense Exercise To Lose Weight

Clean eating and exercise are the talks of the town. Sometimes it gets very confusing as to which one you should emphasize more without overdoing it. Either we end up overexercising and under-eating or overeating and under-exercising – how do we find our ratio? We find our ratio by moving

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boost metabolism {skyezee fashionfit]

Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight Faster Than Ever Before

Boost metabolism and lose weight faster sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Especially if that’s your main goal right now! However, everyone has a very unique metabolic system. Some people metabolize foods really quickly. And others, are a little on the slower side. Fortunately, once you get to know your body

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