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Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This

Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This Girls, the core reason behind your Anxiety is the fear of the future. The unknown. I write this knowing exactly how scary that thought of it can get, because you’re uncertain about what’s going to happen. I’ve seen it first

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Wearing The Right Activewear Makes Exercise A Lot Easier

Wearing the right activewear makes a great deal of difference to your workout and the way you feel. Letting you in on a secret here, but, you don’t even have to work out that much to wear it either! Have you seen workout clothes flooding your social media feeds? There’s

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Corner Café On Buckingham Is The Top Romantic Spot

Corner Cafe ranks first place to hang out, especially after a long day at work. It’s ironic writing this since a while back I would never have chosen a romantic little bistro to be my ‘go-to,’ joint. However, as you grow you start to crave a taste for the more ‘mature’

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The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best Eating Plan For Your Body

Why should you choose a Mediterranean diet? Multiple studies worldwide, repetitively deliver the same conclusion that Mediterranean people are some of the healthiest people who also live the longest lives. Not only are Mediterranean people the healthiest, but they’re also the happiest because of what they are eating daily. If

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