Peanut Cinnamon Banana And Chia Seed Oat Bowl

peanut cinnamon [skyezee fashionfit]

Peanut cinnamon banana, apple and chia seed oat bowl is the most delicious, creamiest breakfast you can prepare. July was a chilly month and I am not a winter person at all. That’s why I often turn to a warm, sweet and comforting healthy bowl of peanut cinnamon oats. The best part about this peanut […]

Food Q & A: What Does Skyezee FashionFit Eat In A Day?

food [skyezee fashionfit]

Food. Something that we all spend a relatively big portion of our lives mulling over. During my time as a transformation coach, I have had quite a few people asking me questions regarding food. So, I decided to write this blog post to help you all out. Most of you want to know what I […]

The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best Eating Plan For Your Body

mediterranean diet [skyezee fashionfit]

Why should you choose a Mediterranean diet? Multiple studies worldwide, repetitively deliver the same conclusion that Mediterranean people are some of the healthiest people who also live the longest lives. Not only are Mediterranean people the healthiest, but they’re also the happiest because of what they are eating daily. If you love food and need […]

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes That Are Totally Scrumptious

sweet potato protein pancakes [skyezee fashionfit]

Sweet potato protein pancakes anybody? I won’t lie to you, I actually crave pancakes a lot. I mean who doesn’t love pancakes on a Saturday morning? In fact. they’re even better on a Monday when you’re feeling a little blue about the week ahead. You know – comfort food. But, that’s why I designed my […]

Dream Body, What’s The Secret? (Fasting Wrapped Up.)

Skyezee FashionFit [selflove]

Dream body? This is a really hot topic amongst ladies and gents today. Everytime I scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed I come across different “skinny pills,” “fat burners,” ridiculous fad diets that literally cut out entire food groups and calorie obsessed fitness “gurus.” The desire to achieve this particular image is so strong […]

Invigorating Is What Fasting Feels Like

Invigorating? Those of you who read the post about my first day of intermittent fasting, will know that it was a bit of a roller coaster ride. My mood and sense of humour was up and down! If you haven’t read it yet, you need to click here. Friday 8th December 2017 After my previous experience, […]

Intermittent Fasting Feels Like This

skyezee fashionfit [fasting]

Fasting is a challenge I took on for 15 to 23 hours including 8 hours sleep time, one day a week. I did this for the whole of December 2017. I told myself, “If I love it, I’ll make it a part of my lifestyle. If I hate it, then I’ll never starve my poor […]