Corner Café On Buckingham Is The Top Romantic Spot

Corner Cafe ranks first place to hang out, especially after a long day at work. It’s ironic writing this since a while back I would never have chosen a romantic little bistro to be my ‘go-to,’ joint. However, as you grow you start to crave a taste for the more ‘mature’ setting.
Its scenic location surrounded by trees caught my eye. Whenever I drove past, no matter what time of day, it always looked fully booked!

Corner Cafes Mediterranean Menu

The bistro is perched on the corner of Buckingham Avenue and Rothesay Avenue, Craighall Park, Randburg. It’s convenient and is the perfect spot to pull in for a breakfast or lunch when you’re passing by. You can expect a creative and healthy menu that incorporates modern South African dishes with a Mediterranean touch. (FYI, known to be the healthiest diet of 2018.) Fitness goals considered! Even better, there is also a Deli, Coffee Shop and freshly baked Croissants.
If the smells alone don’t grip you, then wait till you taste the food,
Hooked. I then mentioned the restaurant to my boyfriend. It was time for a spontaneous dinner date and Corner Cafe is a pretty perfect setting.

The Ambience Gets You In The Mood

The outside of the restaurant looks magical. There is dangling fairy lights, burning candles, and soft music whilst couples enjoy a glass of Merlot. If you’re feeling lovey-dovey with your partner, then you’ll adore this venue.
Every time I visit Corner Café, I order either their delicious grilled pesto chicken, vegetable and sundried tomato salad; or their heavenly zucchini pasta with artichoke, sage, garlic and parmesan. I often struggle to choose, but I am never disappointed.
Before I forget, you should also order a bottle of Villiera Merlot to share. If you’re a red wine lover, you’ll discover how smoothly this wine goes down and how each sip complements the flavours of your dinner with its subtle hints of berries.
If the sultry setting of the restaurant and your bottle of wine doesn’t have you too feeling relaxed, then nothing will. The atmosphere is busy and you’re aware that there are lots of people around you. However, it doesn’t feel chaotic but instead intimate. You’re guaranteed fantastic service and a very peaceful, calm experience. I am a huge foodie, but good customer service makes a great deal of difference.
Corner Café has definitely mastered both.
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Skye Mallon

Skye Mallon

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