Jump Fit Fat Burn Starter Program

Jump Rope. Explore More. Have Fun!

The best workout plan for cutting body fat, shaping your body and quickly boosting your overall fitness that is fun, dynamic and efficient.

No more gym! Get it done anywhere. No matter where you are in the world. 
Burn up to 500 Calories or more in only 30 minutes! 
Burn the most fat you’ve ever burnt. Achieve visible muscle tone. Smile whilst doing it. 
Only 30 days, with 3 quick workout videos per week.  

Only $35



Skyezee FashionFit believes in creating workouts that are enjoyable, simplistic and dynamic.

… ENJOYABLE – FUN IS FITNESS. There’s no point in even trying to exercise if it’s only going to torture your soul and make you feel miserable.
… SIMPLISTIC – SIMPLE MEANS SUSTAINABLE. Let’s be honest. There are all kinds of crazy workouts out there. But, if your workout is more complicated than your life, then chilling out will seem like a much simpler option at the end of the day.
… DYNAMIC – ENGAGING IS EXCITING. Doing the same Yoga, Weight-Lifting or Treadmill routine gets mundane, repetitive and boring! Excitement and exploration entices you to keep going! Besides, your body needs to try new exercises to reach new goals.

Welcome to the Skyezee FashionFit Jump Fit Fat Burn Starter Program

The best workout plan for cutting body fat, shaping your body and quickly boosting your overall fitness that is fun, dynamic and efficient.

My program uses the best exercise tool for full body conditioning…the jump rope.

You can jump rope without anything else and immediately feel its amazing effects. Jumping rope gets your heart pumping quicker than any other exercise, which means there will be more blood moving to supply your muscles with more energy for your body to use. And the more energy it needs the more calories you will burn.

It’s been proven that jumping rope burns more calories in an hour than a variety of other exercise forms.

And the Jump Fit Fat Burn Starter Program contains a fun and simplistic plan of Jump rope HIIT workouts, mixed with bodyweight and resistance exercises to ensure that you’re targeting every muscle group in your body for maximum fat loss results!

Can you workout for less time and look lean?

This is a question I asked many times on my journey. The answer is yes, if you’re consistent with this program of course. Having said be sure to keep your nutrition in check as well!
These are the questions I would ask myself:
  • Do I need to run 5-10 km a day, 3x a week… or more?
  • Can exercise be simpler but fun?
  • Can exercise be fun but not a fad?
  • Do I really need to work out for 2 hours at the gym, 5x a week?

Can it be all the above? Can working out be simple, fun and sustainable? Of course! You deserve to receive the most out of your workout plan.

Jump Fit workouts are designed for no more than 30-minutes. HOWEVER if you completed them for 1 whole hour, you could burn up to 1074 calories. If you wanted to burn the same amount of calories running, you’d have to run a fast 12.9 km in 1-hour.

I DO THIS EVERYDAY. (Or Second day)

The point is that I have made amazing progress with my own fitness and health journey doing jump rope HIIT workouts. I have a lot of fun when I complete them and try to incorporate jumping rope daily. There is no going back for me and nor should there be for you!

I have lost about 20 kg in total along the journey…

Not only do I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror again, but I love how happy I feel and how much fun I have every day I get better at jumping rope. The best part is that not only are you moving your body and getting lean, you’re also learning a new skill!

I understand you may have tried other programs and failed to achieve the body you had imagined yourself in. It’s probably because those programs are built for specific people with a particular lifestyle and fitness level.
So when I designed this program, I made sure that it is focused on people who:
  • Live busy lives.
  • Want to keep it simple and fun.
  • Need something they can do anywhere.
  • Get bored easily.
  • Want results fast.

Here’s a Sneak Peak of My Jump Fit Fat Burn Starter Program

  • 3o days of rotating workouts 3 times per week. These Jump Rope HIIT workouts include lower body and core, upper body or full body burn exercises. Each workout is super dynamic and will burn up to 500 or more calories.
  • Each workout switches between focus from building endurance, to speed, to agility and mobility, to sports performance, to coordination, to balance, to full body and core strength, to cardiovascular health and flexibility.
  • 3. Recovery days to prevent back, hip, and shin injuries. Or, you can use these days to complete other forms of exercise in your routine.
  • Private coaching group dedicated to only fat loss.

Best of all… all you need is your rope, and you can do the workouts anywhere.

Only $35



Some of the workouts require you to switch between light and heavy ropes, resistance bands and using an exercise mat. The quality of your jump rope also impacts on the effectiveness of your workout. That is why I recommend our Jump Fit Starter Kit which contains everything you’ll need to get started!

You can go as intense as you want or start out with only 10-15 minutes. It’s adaptable to your level, no matter your age or weight. Even if you’ve tried multiple programs at the gym but failed, or if you’re advanced in your fitness, you can still challenge yourself.

I complete this style of training nearly every day!

Fun, Effective and Simple Workouts for Busy People

No more traffic. No more gym. No more fat!

These specific jump rope HIIT workouts will melt the fat off your body. Your whole body is challenged because I mix it up with intervals of jump rope to get your blood pumping throughout your entire body. And then intervals of bodyweight or resistance exercises to tone up your legs, bums, arms and tums.

See for yourself. I want you to add up the amount of time it takes you to travel to the gym, the time it takes to change, the time it takes to wait for equipment when your gym is crowded and the time it takes to drive home.

Wouldn’t you rather trade it for a 30-minute workout in the Jump Fit Starter Program that can be done on your driveway, in the park, down the road, or wherever you are? You will also burn 4-5x MORE calories than conventional training.

Perhaps you’re already at an advanced level in your fitness journey. Guess what? You can even cut it down to a 15-minute intense session and burn more calories during the time it takes others to drive to the gym.

Not only are these workouts versatile, but they’re really exciting too. You no longer need to have a mental debate in your mind about the pros and cons of driving to gym to workout versus chilling on your couch at home after a long day. 

With my workouts all you need to do is put on your shoes, grab your rope, open the door (or do it at home if you have a high enough ceiling.) and #GETITDONE!

Every workout is designed for you to do anywhere convenient for you:

wearing [skyezee fashionfit]
  • At home. (Lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Study etc.)
  • Your office.
  • In the park.
  • On your driveway.
  • In a parking lot.
  • In your garden.
  • On the beach.
  • On your patio.
  • At your gym.
  • On the tennis court.
  • Your friend’s house.

In all my video tutorials you can see me crushing my workouts wherever I feel most comfortable that day. Indoors or outdoors, it makes no difference. As long as you GET IT DONE!

…And you might as well get your friends involved too so that you can keep each other motivated throughout. Why not meet up and crush your Jump Fit workouts in a group? It’s a lot of fun and whilst others are sitting around at home, on their phones, laptops or couches you’re getting it done, having fun and burning tons of fat!

If need be, wear a Fit bit (that tracks heart rate) or Apple Watch to see how much you can burn every day! This program will bring you closer to the body you want with extra time to do what you want in your life.

Every workout is designed for you to do anywhere convenient for you:

Ready to burn fat like you’ve never before?


Only $35

Questions about the Jump Fit Fat Burner Starter Program ? Email us: skye@skyezeefashionfit.co.za