‘Tale Of The Travelling Pants’ Is The Concept That Saves Our Planet

planet [skyezee fashionfit]

Planet consciousness is vital if we’re planning to continue existing, living and breathing on it. I’ve never been so horrified at the effects of the fashion industry alone on climate change and the general wellbeing of our incredibly precious planet. As Skyezee FashionFit, I feel compelled to encourage you to pay attention to your personal […]

How You Can Become Anything You Want To Be. I Became A Coach

coach skye [skyezee fashionfit]

Coach Skye they call me. My first group fitness class was probably one of the most intimidating things I have had to do. (I’ll get to that in a different post) Well, apart from the Trends Talk that I got roped into doing in front of the staff at Longevity magazine, whilst I was interning […]

Dream Body, What’s The Secret? (Fasting Wrapped Up.)

Skyezee FashionFit [selflove]

Dream body? This is a really hot topic amongst ladies and gents today. Everytime I scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed I come across different “skinny pills,” “fat burners,” ridiculous fad diets that literally cut out entire food groups and calorie obsessed fitness “gurus.” The desire to achieve this particular image is so strong […]